Avast! is a game Brian made for the third 72 Hour Game Development Competition. The game is a nice little puzzle game similar to PopCap Games’s RocketMania, but Avast! is based around pirates!
Brian worked with Morganne and RougeFX to create this gem.

Fry Guy

Fry Guy is a game Brian made for the first 72 Hour Game Development Competition. It’s a fun little sidescrolling game.
Brian worked with EternalBlue and FryChiko on this game.

Heart Stream

Heart Stream is a game Brian made for the 3rd Experimental Gameplay Competition. The theme for the competition was ‘attraction,’ and thus you get this wonderful little space game where gravity plays a big role.

International Snack ‘n Field

ISF was a game Brian made for the second 72 Hour Game Development Competition. This game was modelled after the old Nintendo game Track ‘N Field.
Brian worked with HardShoulder and Foogirl on this game.


Developed for the November ‘06 72HGDC, Brian, Zach, and Ricky all teamed up to develop this gem. It’s an action game where you frantically blast enemies and manipulate magnets to get by.

Pacific Flipper

Pacific Flipper is a game Brian made at the request of Foogirl. It’s a short little memory game.

Penguin Push

Here it is, Penguin Push. This game was created by Brian, Zach’s brother, Steve, our friend, Evan, and Zach. Brian and Zach coded it while Evan and Steve made the art for it. The game was essentially a weekend project. The levels, all 30 of them, took us a couple weeks to create and some can take a long time to finish. Have fun!

Sperm Game v2.0

A little game based on the helicopter game. Zach made this when he was bored one weekend.

The Duelist

A game created for the RedOctane Experimental Gameplay Competition. It’s a game where you challenge characters to duels and each duel is a series of minigames. It was designed with the RedOctane DDR pad in mind and supports two players on two separate pads!

Twelve Days of Christmas

TDoC is a game made by Brian for the fourth 72 Hour Game Development Competition. It’s not the best game in the world, but it’s pretty to look at.
Brian worked with st0ven and PyroPiranha on this game.