This blog may just turn into assorted game ideas/executions for the foreseeable future. That wouldn’t be its worst use.

Slots SLAM!

It’s a cross between a slot machine game & a match three game. You spin the machine, and symbols come up. When they do, you can then move them Bejeweled style to form matches. You can’t make a move unless it forms a match. New pieces do not fall in from the top.

When you’re satisfied that you’ve made all the matches you can, you spin again to get new symbols.

You’re awarded based on the number of matches and any combos. If you manage to match all the symbols without hitting the spin button, you’re awarded a ‘Jackpot.’

You’re penalized based on how many symbols are left on the screen when you hit the spin button. If you hit a certain threshold, the game ends. Alternatively, there’s a timer that your’e racing against to get the highest score. Alternatively alternatively, you have a set number of ‘coins’ you can use to spin & you gain coins with certain matches & the game ends when you run out. I’m sure there are other game modes that can be mined here, but those are just the two blatantly obvious ones.

It’s a more casual game than what I generally focus my time on, but I think there’s an idea here. Maybe something for a Game Jam?