It’s a bit early, but I think we can go ahead and call 2011.


See the Light, Word Duelist, and Cuddle Bears were all released for iOS devices along with their respective free versions. They were all received positively by the 10’s of people that played them.

Video Games:
Dungeon Defenders & Bastion. Both are pretty different - Dungeon Defenders is primarily a multiplayer action/tower-defense game, whereas Bastion is a single player action RPG. Both brought a lot to the table and reenergized my desire to play video games for a while.

Board Games:
Super Dungeon Explore, Memoir 44 & Game of Thrones. None of those are euro games, as I’m a little tired of managing wheat and wood.

Community, Spaced, & Glee. Very awesome comedies, though Glee has lost a bit of its charm for me. Honorable mention to Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones (book 1 of Song of Ice & Fire series). I’ve read a few past that but stopped when I realized just how much time was devoted to describing food. Honorable mention to the first 1/3rd of Blink.

Things Outside of Media/Entertainment:
Er… I became a vegetarian? It’s been a quiet year in terms of my social life, and I don’t really have a lot of interesting stories to tell, which is why the blog has been quiet outside of development related chatter.

I’ll give this year 4 stars on a scale of 1 to some secret number