This blog isn’t just a game development/studio blog, though you might’ve gained that impression from the last few months being filled with project-related posts. It’s also a blog about despair, triumph, love, and being overdramatic when describing what the blog is about.

Let’s talk about random things for a bit, because I feel like writing, and, well, you know.

* How about the show Community, huh? I liken it to Arrested Development in terms of level of humor, by which I mean it’s extremely funny.
* Speaking of TV, how about Hulu being stupid? Vilifying Netflix is hip this year, but we forget that the devil of internet TV has been sitting right there being lame from the start. I’m not going to defend my position; I’m really too lazy right now, but I like to think I’ve never steered you wrong.
* I’ve been spending an absurd amount of time at Caribou Coffee. Not because it’s an especially good coffee shop, but (a) it’s employed by people I genuinely enjoy, and (b) Cary is completely devoid of non-chain coffee shops. The nearest alternative is Wake Zone Espresso, which is admittedly pretty decent. I used to make the trip out to Helios, but it’s a bit of a hike - you may recognize it from the Cuddle Bears credits, because Cuddle Bears was developed 90% there.
* I was the TARDIS for Halloween! That’s old news, but I still feel a little awesome about it.
* Laura got a cut-out of Edward from Twilight as a gag-gift, and now he’s sitting in the living room constantly staring and judging. I sortta want to make a short stop-motion film with him & the TARDIS.
* Speaking of short films, Ricky & I had a promising idea about an amateur magician that I want to revisit. The script needs… a lot of work, but I think the premise had merit and we had a few really awesome scenes sketched out.

I really, really dislike Christmas music.