I’m issuing an open call for help to the people who played See the Light for the Android and enjoyed it: Please leave a a comment.

I’m not asking you to be dishonest or over-hype the game. Comment how you feel. Quite honestly, I just want to drown out some of the noise against the game.

Here’s my reasoning:
The last comment for See the Light was “Worst game in market.” I don’t think that’s accurate, but whatever.
Another one: “Is level 2 even solvable??” Why yes it is. Trivially, actually.
This one’s cute too: “This game sucks! The buttons and tools to change directions are not useful at all…”

Essentially, the negative comments are rapidly overcoming the positive comments even though the positive ratings are well beyond the negative. These negative comments are currently the first in the list, which is no doubt impacting how many people try the game.

I have no illusions that the game is perfect, and if people don’t like it, well, that’s OK. It’d be super if they were less daft about how they expressed that dislike, but that’s out of my hands. I’d just like the first thing people see before trying my game to be a bit more representative.

Here’s a handful of some of the positive comments:
“One of the best games out there. Cannot believe there are not more downloads.”
“Awesome puzzle games that can be very challenging, very fun!”
“Stuck on level 19..for now…luv this game !!”

My goal is 50 sales before the year’s end.