In his last post, Ricky said, “‘I’m unsure of the this blog’s target audience.” This topic was addressed in the early days of the blog, but that has somewhat morphed and changed as the years have ticked on. So I’d like to discuss our target audience now.

The target audience is pretty simple, actually: it’s people who are interested in the things we do.

I never once - and still don’t - imagine this site as a purely technical blog, nor was it started solely to push my games onto the public. It’s always been a place to jot down what I do or think or want to share.

It takes on a distinct technical slant, that is true. I’m a game developer who, after spending his workday developing games, comes home and frequently goes straight to work on my own games. I spend a lot of time writing and thinking about algorithms as well as analyzing games and gameplay. If I’m going to give you a truly accurate representation of my personality, it’s going to contain an awful lot of that.

But this isn’t a company blog, it’s not a review station, and it’s not a tutorial repository. If I want to write about a movie or show or book, this is where it goes. If I want to publicly critique some silly aspect of society, I don’t hesitate to put it here.

I encourage you, Ricky, to feel the same way. I brought you on not because I wanted to increase the amount of technical knowledge contained here - though that’s certainly fine - I just wanted another personality to share the space. Maintaining the site with Zach was more fun than running a solo site, I believe for both me and the audience, and without a second writer it just feels like me talking at the air.

Really, though, I don’t just run this site for the ladies.