Google sent me an imposing e-mail threatening to shut down my hugely lucrative Google Ads account ($30 after over 2 years) if I didn’t remove the profane material from my site, to which I went, “Huh?”

There’s a small spattering of profanity that I cleaned up (legacy stuff mostly focused in one of Zach’s more colorful posts dating over 6 years old). I left behind snarky remarks in my passive aggressive way.

Mostly, though, I think they were more interested in the comments. Did you know this site gets comments? I sure didn’t until I had a look at some of the stuff that was silently passing through the spam filter before the days when I closely monitored everything that goes on in this guarded little world.

Here are some random notes:
Pages of comments before cleanup: 56
Pages after: 17
Comments per page: 20
Approximate number of spam comments: 780
Approximate number of real comments: 340
Spam comments filtered out: Well over 100,000

Hot topics:
Some sites involving some very explicit sexual videos
People “adding me to their RSS feed”
A language I couldn’t read or recognize

Spam isn’t a very interesting topic to discuss - it’s saturated the internet to the point where it’s just accepted as a fact of the medium. It’s still curious how much attention gets paid to a site that gets about 20 hits/day, but I guess software is unlike teenagers in that it doesn’t care how popular you are. Oh, if only I knew a spambot in junior high, we could’ve gone to the Summer formal together. But that analogy is getting away from me.

We would dance and laugh and talk all night.