I’ve been wanting to review XBLIG games for some time now - to praise the noteworthy entries and vilify the monumental rubbish. Peers though they are, I have no intention of being kind to every developer that has shipped something, but I also don’t intend to focus solely on the rotten products. In short, I’ll be reviewing without any regard for the creators, regardless of the relationship we might have.

I’m also going to deviate from other reviewers who mention cost as an important factor. When we’re discussing games in the $1-$5 range, I don’t believe cost should be a consideration for anyone who has enough money to own an Xbox 360 in the first place. If you wouldn’t buy the game for $2.50 you wouldn’t for $1. Quality, as far as these reviews is concerned, is not a function of price.

On the other hand, I don’t think I’d be particularly realistic if I didn’t treat indie games separately from mainstream titles. There’s a huge gap in production value that simply can’t be ignored. I’m going to try and highlight where I make such distinctions and “take it easy” on the little guys, and I also intend to pay special tribute to those that break away from financial/time/resource limitations and manage something special regardless. You can argue that this is exactly the wrong approach to take, but I disagree, and I’m doing the writing.

I want to make this a regular feature. I’ve been aching to do writing, and there are a lot of titles to write about, and it’s a topic I’m invested in. I’ve wanted to make lots of things regular features, so don’t take that as a promise, but you can keep your fingers crossed.

For now I’ll be hand-selecting the games with a skew toward newer releases, but I’ll dip into the archives for a game I think is deserving. Of course, if someone out there has a game they’d like discussed and wants to send me a free copy, I’ll gladly give it a (critical) eye.

And no, I won’t be reviewing my own games. Even the totally awesome ones.