Today Laura looked at me and asked why I don’t Twitter about my personal life. I thought about this and connected it to why blog posts have been impersonal lately.

Instead of spelling out the reason, I’m going to highlight the major events of the weekend and let you work out your own conclusions.

Morning until Evening - Worked the day job.
Night - Went to Caribou. Worked on Dungeon Kid.
Late Night - Sampled some bad Netflix movies.

Morning - Finalized See the Light 1.1 and released it.
Afternoon - Went to Caribou. Worked on Iron Heinrich art pipeline.
Evening - Scoured the internet for ways to market See the Light.
Night - Ate dinner, putzed around.
Late Night - Played Puzzle Quest.

Morning - Explored adding a “Purchase” button to See the Light.
Afternoon - Went to Open Eye. Worked on Iron Heinrich art pipeline some more.
Evening - Went to Shiki with Laura. Came back and played a little Puzzle Quest.
Night - Went to Caribou. Finished up Iron Heinrich art pipeline. Wrote blog post detailing it.
Late Night - Watched Leverage (!). Played Puzzle Quest. Scoured the internet for ways to market See the Light again.

To summarize: I’m working a lot these days on a variety of things. My work ethic has skyrocketed, but my daily collection of interesting stories has dwindled. That’s good or bad depending on how you want to view it; I’m pretty comfortable with how I conduct my days.

See the Light just got its 8th sale!