See the Light has wrapped up, and although it will definitely receive updates (1.5 support and a Spanish translation are in the pipeline), I’m moving onto my next project: Dungeon Kid.

Only a handful of people are familiar with Dungeon Kid. Back in my college days, I was tasked with creating a small, charming dungeon crawler for the (Nokia?) t300 and t610 series phones using the Mophun SDK. It was a humble game - the t300 version supported a wopping 101 x 80 resolution - but it was complete.

Complete as it was, it never saw daylight. The Mophun platform was rubbish, and the gatekeepers kept claiming a bug which for the life of me I could never reproduce. After weeks of trying, we finally folded and shelved the project. Which is kinda OK, since even then cell-phone games weren’t making a lot of money. It’s the fate of that market to be constantly saturated by rubbish, but that’s another post.

Fast forward to now, and despite my cynicism, I’m back on cell-phone games part time. I needed a new project; something fresh. But I was concerned about the art requirements. As I’ve stated, the only interested artists I know is already over tasked. But in Dungeon Kid I have a game that only maybe 5 others have seen, and all the content is already done. The workload isn’t trivial, but it isn’t gigantic. And I have plenty of Android knowledge/code carrying directly over from the last project.

So I’ve started.

Thus far, the random dungeon generator is working. Still a few kinks, but it’s working. I don’t have a timeline for this game - the Big XNA game takes priority - but knee-jerk guesses place it between 1.5-2 months. When I’m not feeling so lazy, I’ll grab some of the assets and throw them up.

It’s late. Do I have another blog post in me?