PAC-Match gets a good review!

The Gamezebo review gave it 4/5 stars. “Much to our surprise and delight, Pac-Match Party brings a number of new twists to the genre that help it hold its own against the competition.”

I haven’t been able to scrounge together other reviews. Unfortunately, running a search gets me a lot of reviews for a different game named PAC-Match. I did, however, stumble upon a forum post where people seem to be enjoying it. Quotes:

right now, I’m in level 21 and I have to admit, it’s my new favorite match-3 game. It’s just perfectly executed. Controls are perfect. There are a lot of cool power-ups, the music and sounds are fantastic (old themes in a wonderful chilly mood). I was expecting half the game I got now. Really, really love it. Highly entertaining. ”
–your personal robot

“This is the most fun i’ve had with a match 3 game. The next closest would probably be azkend. This is a blast, and the price point is perfect. They didn’t gouge on the big name for once. Highly recommended. ”

There are, as with any forum, some negative words in there (and some fair critiques), but… who wants to mention those?

Will reference more reviews as I find them.

Hope you’re enjoying the game.