I’ve got a bit of a pet peeve, and it flames into full effect with a single word: “fail”.

For whatever reason, the word “fail” has fallen into the diction of the internet masses within the past couple years. I often overhear folks responding with “FAIL” or “EPIC FAIL” or some other such nonsense. Seriously?

For whatever reason it’s now nerdy or geeky to participate in Internet memes. Really, the opposite is true. For 90% of folks, a meme is simply following a trend. It’s not being original or creative, it’s simply regurgitating something that’s probably already inane and pointless.

Being a nerd is about dedicating yourself deeply to something, because it interests you. Computer nerds write socket APIs and hack Linux kernels because it’s challenging. It’s interesting. English nerds read and write because they can travel through their imagination. They can express themselves. Repeating the word “FAIL” demonstrates nothing except your lack of creativity and an ability to follow a herd. Congratulations.