I’m faced with a dilemma.

There are two competing platforms. There’s iPhone, the current “market leader” so to speak. It’s supported by an evil empire.

There’s also Android, the up-and-comer that’s been making significant headway. Perhaps not as widespread, but it’s gaining ground and also supported by a friendly company.

Both require about an equal startup investment - with the iPhone I would need to acquire a Mac and I could steal someone’s iTouch, and with the Android I would need to purchase an unlocked dev phone.

Both are developed primarily in languages I have no real love for - iPhone in Objective-C, which I’m actively using and with which I have grown fairly familiar; Android in Java, which I haven’t used heavily since 1.5 but know pretty well.

Both have markets I’m wary of - Android’s is smaller and I know virtually nothing about it, but conversely iPhone’s is pretty saturated and I’ve heard nothing good about it.

See the Light and Word Duelist need a new audience, and I need a new one-man-friendly platform. I’m shying away from Windows 7 right now, though it would definitely be the most straight-forward port. I’m not, however, sure what direction I want to go in quite yet. Suggestions? Anyone want to donate a dev device?

You have to adjust the loop-locks.