…if you pay money to a company you loathe, but you break their EULA in the same breath?

I now have access to a Mac-capable machine, and by that I mean I have OS X installed on a VM. It’s a bit touchy but by far more reliable than the Hackintosh variants, and it requires a comparatively small investment. It cost $30 for the OS, basically.

What does this mean for you, the reader? Well, I’m going to try porting my games. Laura has an iTouch I can use for development, and I know enough about Objective-C to make the transition less hairy.

There’s going to be a struggle with memory - C# is all garbage collected, whereas Objective-C isn’t. Well, it is technically using reference counting, but I haven’t seen anything that manages those for you. If I went all Objective-C++, writing my own smart pointers wouldn’t be especially hard. I already have the classes laying around.

Unfortunately my rendering isn’t especially abstract, so there’s going to be a lot of drawing code that needs rewritten. Which is why all future projects have a more robust abstract renderer. But the drawing code isn’t especially hard (nothing beyond rendering a textured quad), so a couple helper methods should make that seamless. And of course the controls will need to be reworked, but I have ideas there.

So I’m thinking See the Light first then Word Duelist. But both these ports fall back-seat to the other projects I have going on. I’m curious to see how the market compares.

Oh yea, and See the Light 1.1 (or 1.5 as I’ll call it) is almost ready. It’s done, I just need to spend a solid weekend in testing before pushing it to review.

You win, Ricky.