I’ll be the first to admit I own the most inferior of the three current gen systems this go ’round.  I don’t regret my decision to buy a Wii, most of the time.  When it took me 6 months of weekly searches to get, I was annoyed and frustrated, but I’d imagine I would’ve been more so if Ricky and Brian didn’t have one at their apartment.  When I was trying to get Mario Kart for my father for months on end, I was pretty annoyed as well.  In fact, it seems that the only way to get a popular game for this system is to either preorder, which is what I usually do, get extremely lucky, or just wait out the demand.

The true inferiority of the Wii system is actually in the fact that everyone and their ehfing grandmother owns one.  It is absolutely ridiculous for a game to be over a year old, 15 months to be exact, and STILL be sold out for the most part nation wide.  Come on, the game even has a high price of entry, at at least $100 for the game/guitar.  I mean, I’ve found the game by itself in one store, but never the guitar.  The people at Gamestop looked at me like I was asking for a kidney when I asked them about it. I guess I should mention I am talking about Rock Band 2: Wii.  Every store I’ve been to/shopped online at has had plenty of PS3/360 versions on sale for $40 cheaper than the Wii bundle would be if it were actually there.   I really don’t understand how this happened, but it happens enough that I should be used to it I guess.  I find it really annoying that when I want a game that old and can’t find it that it isn’t because it is “out of print”, or whatever the video game analog to that statement is, but this is different.  The game and peripherals are very much IN print, they apparently only print one per week, however.

Sigh, If I played video games more that weren’t WoW, I’d just bite the  bullet and pick up a 360, wireless ethernet adapter, and rock  band 2 for it.  But I don’t, so I’ll instead whine for a week or so, then wait it out.

Brian, I generally rely on you to review video games on this site.  You should probably get back to your obligations.  Also, I really want to play the games you are making for XBLIG, make them for the iPhone, kthxbai.


Rediculous: v, To diculous again.