I’ve recently started watching some newer TV shows weekly and I figured I’d make a post about them.  These shows really don’t have much in common, I guess, but they are the shows that I personally put on the DVR every week.

Flash Foward.

This is a show about every single person in the world seeing what they would be doing on a day in the future at the same time.  They all see the same day and same time, but of course different things, since they are all doing different things.  The day isn’t that far in the future, something like a year or maybe less, not entirely sure as the show has been on hiatus for several months now.  The show then follows the characters in trying to figure out what the flash foward, as they call it, means and why it happened.  Some of the characters are trying desperately to make that future they saw come true, others are trying to make it not come true.  There are a few interesting things about this show:

First, they bring about the idea of people who don’t have flash fowards, as in they assume they die before that date happens.  This is the case for one of the main characters, but also an entire “cult” of people.  These people assume they will be dead before that date happens, and as such go on to live a life of pure hedonism and craziness.  It is an interesting concept, I think.  Second, the main character of the show is an FBI agent whose flash forward is of him in the process of solving the case of what caused the flash forwards.  He basically recreates his evidence and lead board from his flash forward and attempts to find out why the information on the board in the future is there.  It is a little self fulfilling prophecy and a little bad detective work, I guess.  The show does a pretty good job of making the self fulfilling prophecy part go away though, so it looks like the “evidence and leads” he blindly put on the board are legitimate in solving the mystery.  The show never really discusses the fact that the future they saw could have been of them having the flash foward, sort of a reverse grandfather paradox in that the lead board the main character had in the flash forward, and copied into the current, was there in the future because future him had the same flash forward.  I try my best to ignore time travel paradoxes in stories, but they happen so often it is hard.  Before the long, long, hiatus of the show (November to March, I think), they started showing the “antagonists” of the series, the one’s who at least think they caused the flash forwards.  They attempt to explain what they did with some quantum mechanics.  While they don’t go into to much detail, quantum mechanics are hard for me to understand, because I am dumb.  Quantum tunneling and entanglement, I am pretty sure, are the basis of the dark arts.  At any rate, the show’s first part of its first season is available, I’d recommend a rental.


When I had heard they were going to be creating  a spiritual prequel to Battlestar Galactica I got really excited.  I was really hoping I would like the new show. And I do.  Mind you it is nothing like Battlestar Galactica at all, really.  It just shares a few of the names we have come to hear commonly in that show.  The  show really covers the Adama family, mostly Bill Adama’s father, uncle, and grandmother,  and another family, the Greystone family.  The Greystone family are the inventors of the Cylon, well, sort of.  I like the show so far, though I am not entirely sure I dig the idea of an entire planet of gangsters, maybe the Taurons on Caprica are like the early Italians in early America, they take their tradition of family to the extreme when surrounded by outsiders who don’t understand them.  I hope so, I am really not sure how an entire planet of gangsters could function at all.  If you liked Battlestar I would recommend giving this show a watch.

I’d say the only thing they might have done wrong is make the idea of the One True God very prevalent in the story line.  On one hand this greatly explains how the Cylons come to believe in this entity, on the other hand it completely wrecks the stories in Battlestar Galactica when none of the citizens in the fleet recognize this idea at all.  They may fix this with some sort of Orwellian banashment of all knowledge of the religion later in the series, but if not I think it creates a rather large plothole in BSG retroactively.

The Deep End.

Not much I can say about this show, it has Mac from Veronica Mars in it, which is a huge plus I think.  The show is an episodic format about the day to day activities of a high powered law firm.  Not entirely sure I really like the show’s premise, which has been done to death, but it entertains me for the hour it is on a week.


I’ve watched one episode of this fantastic cartoon, and I needs moar.  It very much reminds me of Frisky Dingo, and we all know that show was brilliant.  I definitely plan on watching as much of this show as I can in the coming months.  I may even buy it.

Modern Family.

This show is absolutely brilliant in every way.  Morgan and I laugh for pretty much the entire episode every episode.  I highly recommend you watch this show.  Pure comedic gold.

I am actually pretty pleased to have some shows to look forward to each week that aren’t Heroes lately.  It is nice having something to watch on the DVR whenever I feel like watching something.   Also, Dollhouse was always on my playlist each week, but the show is over now, so I don’t think I’ll be watching it again anytime soon.  I enjoyed that show a lot though.