First off, I’m sorry to hear about Word Duelist, Brian.  The game looks very fun and if you ever decide to develop for the iPhone, I’d buy it.  I suppose I could buy a three-six, but that would cost ME money.  From the screenshots, website, and trailers, it looks really good.

Heroes is moderately to fairly interesting this season, depending on the episode and my mood when asked.  I think Samuel has the potential to be a cool villain, but only if his motivation for extreme power is better than some need for the XO’s wife to love him.  I really hope this isn’t the case.  I haven’t watched this week’s episode, though, so more might have been revealed.  Also, I’ve said it before but I feel like saying it again, Peter, Sylar, Matt, and Hiro need to DO something.  They were very pivotal characters in the first season, all of them have (in Peter’s case I guess had) awesome powers, and they just don’t do anything, ever.  Every second of them on the screen is wasted, completely wasted.  Also, Claire and Noah need to get over it and either not be on the show or start contributing to something.  Basically if the season was about Samuel’s rise to power with the Heroes chiming in to help/slow his rise, like about 10-15 minutes of each episode is, all the time, it could really be a great show.  As it stands now, most of the characters I really liked from season one are just fluff.  Actually, all of them I think.

Morgan and I bought a house two weeks ago.   We are very excited to move in, but won’t be doing so until April this year, due to our lease with the apartment and the seller not wanting to leave until then.  This actually works out in our favor, since I am not sure we can afford a rent and mortgage every month.  At best we would be eating ramen 3 meals a day.  If and when you take a gander at those photos in the link, please excuse the colors chosen for the place.  We plan on repainting/flooring the entire place before we officially move in in June.  Also, I will FINALLY be able to have  a cat again.  I’ve wanted/missed having a cat since I moved down here.  Nibble was very nice to have around the apartment, and before that my parents had always had cats.  I really miss having a cat.