At long last, my most current game project, See The Light, has hit alpha! This means that all the features & content are in place, and all that’s left now is some polish and bug fixing.

I’ve been pretty quiet on this project, largely since I was prototyping a few ideas and didn’t want to reveal anything until decisions were solid. It’s a small puzzle game about manipulating light with mirrors, lenses, disco balls, and other items. It has 64 levels, some of which are pretty tough. It’s coming for Xbox Live Indie Games, so those of you that don’t have an Xbox are just going to have to purchase one to support me. I’m not above guilt tripping you.

For those wondering, no, this project has not put Word Duelist behind. Word Duelist is still coming, but it’s still waiting on assets to be completed.

Here! Screenshots!

Weird, right?