Anyone familiar with XNA games knows Kootenay. It’s the default sprite font, and it’s widespread. And it’s ugly and overused.

I know nothing about font selection. I’m not a multimedia designer, I don’t make web pages or advertisements for a living. I wouldn’t be able to tell Times New Roman from Arial by sight. So obviously I’m ill prepared to talk about how to pick a good font. Find someone else to ask or guess wildly like I do.

I can, however, point to a few places to find fonts. urbanfonts is my first point of contact. It has a lot of free stuff and not horrible search capacity. dafont is also a site I look to. And there’s FontSpace.

Of course, there’s one thing you have to be very careful of when using a font: fonts are subject to copyright like anything else. Many of the fonts you’ll find are marked for personal use only. Some don’t even come with a license, and those are the ones I immediately delete to stay safe. It’s important to read those notices and not just trust that a site claiming free fonts actually has free free fonts.

Free as in beer or free as in speech?