“But Brian,” I hear you saying, “people with jobs don’t have time to give late morning updates on a Friday.”

Well, funny you should mention that, Person. Because I don’t have a job any longer. I was laid off yesterday, and I wasn’t alone.

The details aren’t really appropriate for public consumption, but I was let go on good terms and bear no hard feelings against Emergent or those involved in the decision. I’m rather fond of all the people there and wish the remaining staff well.

You can probably tell by the way I started this update that I’m not particularly torn up over here. I’m not especially happy, mind you, but this gives me some time to do some things I’ve been wanting to do. I have enough money stashed away to survive a while jobless, which is good considering I’m tied to a lease until May. Of course, I do intend to look for other employment, but realistically I don’t expect to find anything for at least a few months.

In the meantime, I’ve got tons of time to explore the casual games I’ve been wanting to put together. I likely won’t make living money off those, but having at least a small revenue stream would be nice. I put together a list last night of games I could put together over the order of weeks-months. And Word Duelist is in its final throes (all that’s left is the art). So keep an eye on the XBox Indie Games channel.

It’s also a good opportunity to start visiting people. I was intending on taking a vacation soon; this has simply moved my timeline forward. I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to go see Ricky this Sunday (it’s an awfully long drive), but odds are better than average.

So yea. That’s the update. Not good news, but I can work with it.

So long, and good night.