From Kotaku on Project Natal:

“As for who Microsoft hopes to catch with the Natal net, Kim said, “We’re not focused on this generation’s casual gamers or even PS2 people who haven’t upgraded. This is about the 60% of households were a video game console doesn’t exist… the problem is that the controller is a barrier for some people and now with Project Natal we completely eliminate that.“[Bold for emphasis]

First off, Project Natal seems like awesome alien technology and I can’t wait to see what they can do with it.  It is effectively a real-time motion capture device that doesn’t require one to wear a black one-sy with little white ping pong balls attached to it.

But seriously though, where have we heard that the controller was the limiting factor on getting people who don’t play video games to play them?  When was it said?  Hint:  Nintendo about the Wii, 3+ years ago.  Everyone called Nintendo crazy, including Sony and Microsoft.  Now they just look like they are eating their collective hats.

Argue all you want about the Wii and DS having gimmicky hardware, they sold a ton and made a lot of people happy.


Seriously, Microsoft, that quote is 3 years too late.