I’d just like to point out that Brian’s email never made it to my inbox.  I checked it recently and it wasn’t there.  I checked it after reading his post and it wasn’t there.  I called him shortly after reading his post though, and all is right again.  But just know that I would never leave him (or you, Morgan) hanging when I receive an email.  Also, Morgan doesn’t read the site, so any messages to her are falling on deaf (blind?) ears(eyes?).

Aside #1:  It is absolutely freezing in my office today, I can barely type my fingers are so cold.

Aside #2:  Today is the WWDC, so hopefully the new iPhone will be announced and I can see when I am getting one.

Aside #3:  Brian Delano Sowers is coming to my place next month, I am pumped.


Poseidon, look at me now.