The Video Game Development Blog Carnival is dead. I just wasn’t getting the submissions necessary to make it worthwhile. It was a nice experiment, I thought, and maybe if the site gains more traffic I’ll try again.

McGraw and I submitted a paper on a new way to do ambient occlusion map generation entirely in the GPU. I’d like to say that I contributed a lot, but to be fair, McGraw did most of the heavy lifting. I ran a few experiments and gathered some pictures and implemented a bit and bounced some ideas back and forth, but the bulk of the implementation and writing was his. It’s a really cool method; hopefully it’ll get some use. I’m considering asking McGraw for his code so I can put out a free tool.

First draft of the thesis is finished. Did I mention this? I want to go through it the next few days and flesh it out a bit, fix up some formatting and grammar mistakes. My defense is the 10th (come!), so I’m setting a hard deadline of the 3rd to have everything finalized. At which point I can prepare for my defense.

I discovered the deadline for the film festival this time around is the 16th. We really want to get a movie out there - our last chance at film greatness - but we’re also pretty busy and don’t have a lot of ideas fleshed out.

You test the waters.