Issue 2 is here!

Before I get started, you’re going to notice a slight change from the last issue. First is that, while I was rather lenient last time, this time around I’m only going to post about things that I can directly tie to game development specifically. As such, some people who submitted articles may notice that they are not mentioned. Second, I’m putting an upward limit (about 3) on the number of articles by a single submitter, because some people went a little overboard. My goal here is to keep the carnival relevant and uncluttered.

I’ll kick things off on the engineering side this time, starting with a good article by Josh Petrie of Scientific Ninja titled Write Games, Not Engines. He makes a very solid case for avoiding writing engines specifically, and instead building a host of reusable functionality as you write games. We also have an article submitted by, well, me, titled Game Process Management. Here I talk about treating a game system as a series of small, individual processes to help manage state flow, among other things.

On the art side, Andrew Edgington of Learn Photoshop Now has submitted a lot of material. His article Add Icy Effects to Your Text walks through the steps to create a neat icy look, which may be easily modifiable to create other looks. That blog and his other, Learn Digital Photography Now, contain a lot of good information for modifying digital photos or making informed camera purchases.

On the more producer-ish side, Danogo of submitted Discover the Fascinating History of Online Games With a Big Featured Gallery which, well, I think the title says about everything I could say.

That’s all the game dev related stuff we received this time around. I would again encourage anyone out there who has any relevant articles to send something in for the carnival this time next month.

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