Here we go guys. Quite a few submissions for the first carnival, mostly in the art and production fields:

Andrew Edgington of the blogs Learn Photoshop Now, Complete Photography Secrets Guide and Edit Your Digital Photos went above and beyond, submitting four articles focused on digital photography and image filtering techniques:
Photoshop to Make Line Drawing, Old Photo Effect in Photoshop, Create Cool Photo Edges with Photoshop, and a guide for Canon cameras titled The Canon Power of PowerShot Digital Cameras by Canon. I tried a few of the techniques he presents, and they produce some pretty good results. Might come in handy for the texture or GUI artists out there.

Brenda Brathwaite of Applied Game Design submitted Design Portfolios - Is there such a thing?. This one focuses on the stuff you need to show off if you want to get a job as a designer. I don’t know much about Brenda, but I get the feeling from the article that she’s a professional (and in a hiring capacity) and that she’s offering some serious, professional advice. I would advise any designers looking for a job to have a look.

K Peney of Write the Game presents the guest article Player Collectives, which talks about the player behavior in relation to the number of players a game has. It’s focused toward MMOs, which have a large number of players playing concurrently and thus may need special consideration.

Blue Skelton of Blue Skelton Publications sent in the Video Game Production Book, which talks briefly about a game production book he purchased. He also sent in Production Blog: The Best Video Games of 2007, which is, well, self-explanatory.

Finally, I was the only one to submit anything programming related: an OpenGL Guide, which is a collection of 10 OpenGL demos, and an article on Event Driven Systems. I’m a little biased, but both articles are pretty much awesome.

I’d like to thank everyone who submitted something. We had more entries than I expected, and they were all excellent. Same time next month?

We could use a few clowns, though.