I have been advised that I should update before the site becomes a running documentary of Zach’s newly adopted alcoholism. I still don’t have much to say, but I’ll figure something out.

Last night I was at Pizza Hut for some three hours talking to Jen (my ex-girlfriend, for those unfamiliar). It was good - it was the first time we’ve really sat down and just talked as friends for a long time, and I really enjoyed the conversation. Not to mention she gave me a nice discount, so I’m considering doing this every Sunday she works.

The day before that, I watched Trigun. Doss showed up to watch part of the first half with me. Travis and Phil showed up to watch the entire second half. Fun was had all-around. The night was interjected by a viewing of Team America, which I was thoroughly disappointed with. The movie just wasn’t all that funny. It seemed to rely too heavily on the fact that they were using marionettes, and once you got used to that, the jokes themselves seemed rather dull. Anyhow, after Trigun was over, we went to Up-All-Night for a little bit while Travis and Phil ate free food (I wasn’t hungry). After they left, I ran into Evan, and I proceeded to go with him while he ate free food.

The day before that - what was that, Friday? - there wasn’t really much that happened. My team’s Operating Systems module was due, and the TA did manage to find one glitch. It wasn’t even a glitch, really. We just neglected to handle the error condition where a user tries to enter a date that doesn’t exist (ie: Februrary 30). I tried to explain to the TA that our operating system will still work properly even if the sun changes positions and our entire calendar changes, but I don’t think he was smart enough to understand. Next time I’ll say it slower.

Other than those things, it’s been a pretty quiet weekend. But alas, now I have to go to class until 9 PM (it’s 7:30 AM now). Wish me luck.

What glitters on this ship belongs to me.