Despite having an unimaginably large amount of work I was supposed to do this weekend, I decided to shirk my responsibilities and play video games/watch movies. I have a lot of stuff to talk about and a short time to say it, so let’s get started.

I can say without reservation that Amelie is the best French movie I’ve ever seen. I can say this largely because it’s the only French movie I’ve ever seen, and it’s bloody awesome. I can’t remember if Brotherhood of the Wolf was French, but Amelie is far far superior. The movie focuses on a rather abnormal girl and her unique way of thought. Really, it’s quite inventive and humorous.

I’m going to digress for a moment. I just heard people in the computer lab complimenting What Dreams May Come, and it threw me off kilter. First, these aren’t the types of people I’d expect to like a movie like that. Second, the movie was an assault on my senses that left me blind in one eye for two weeks - that is not a lie.

Back on topic. I also watced Voices of a Distant Star, which is by far the saddest Japanese film I’ve ever seen (and the shortest). It was, however, another work of art. I’m not going to dive into it because I’m afraid that if I told you anything, I’d ruin something, so just trust me when I say you should see it. If you don’t like it, you only lost about half an hour of your time.

Reno 911 is one of Comedy Central’s more noteworthy shows. Basically, it’s a comedic version of Cops. When I first heard of the show, I expected it to be something I could ignore without feeling any sense of loss. However, after watching a few episodes, I realized that there simply couldn’t be a funnier cop show. I rented the first season, and I happily watched a few episodes today. I’m going to be pushing through the rest soon.

Now on to games, of which I experienced two this weekend. The first game I cracked open was Front Mission 4. This game is a strategy game where you customize giant mechs (called ‘wanzers’) and take them into battle against other giant mechs. I really haven’t played enough to give a qualitative assessment, but so far the game seems decent - it’s not fantasically amazing, but it’s definitely fun. I have it for a week, so I’ll be giving it more time.

The second game I saw was Phantom Brave. I wasn’t the one playing - Doss was - but after about an hour I was pretty certain I should own this game. This is another strategy game created by Nippon Ichi, the people who brought Disgaea into my life. Again, they shine.

That’s really all I did this weekend. Now I’m going to give you a warning about next weekend - don’t look for me. Don’t IM me. Don’t call me. Don’t visit me. Pretend I don’t exist, because for all intensive purposes I won’t exist. Not to you, at least. Xenosaga 2 is finally being released Tuesday, and Zach and I are holing ourselves up and playing all the way through. It will be glorious.

I don’t care if your house burns down, your mother is kidnapped, a meteor lands on your toe, and your cat contracts AIDS. I don’t want to hear from you next weekend.