Between this post and my last post, approximately 2 hours have elapsed. See, the thing is that I’m at work and I’m really bored. As such, it’s only fair that I post something that bores you for just as long. Prepare to read for the next two hours.

I thought I’d take this time to mention the web comics that make me smile because they’re funny. I’ve mentioned a few of them in passing, but they deserve more than that.

I’ll start with Penny Arcade, which is the gaming comic. Gabe and Tycho update with some kind of crazy goodness which is typically related to video games. There is no running storyline - indeed, they oppose the whole notion of “continuity.” This is good, because I find that when they delve into continuity the results are not particularly brilliant. However, when they stick to what they do best - mocking/making fun out of games/current events - they perform wonderfully. What’s more, the news posts that accompany every comic are genius - sometimes better than the comic itself. I probably look forward to this comic’s updates more than any.

Something Positive is another good comic. Unlike Penny Arcade, Something Positive dabbles solely in continuity. It follows the stories of a few vulgar, cynical, and brilliant characters as they live their semi-standard lives. I’m actually pretty engrossed in the characters, and Davin (who I consider the ‘main character’) is the type of person I’d like to befriend. I also very much look forward to these.

MegaTokyo is a pretty popular comic, having three books in book-stores. This comic follows Piro and Largo who have found themselves trapped in Japan and embroiled in all sorts of drama. Largo is by far one of the coolest characters in comics today. The story is interesting, although it moves painfully slow and that speed is only decreased by the number of times the artist is sick/tired/absent. If you don’t mind waiting around for developments, this comic is for you.

Sluggy Freelance is a one of the comics I’ve been reading on-and-off for a few years now, although admittedly I’m more “off” it than previously. Sluggy follows the lives of Torg, Riff, Zoe, Bun-Bun, and other distinct characters as they get themselves caught up in everything ranging from demonic invasions to computer possessions to alien excursions. Sluggy is the very thing MegaTokyo is not - the story moves fast and the artist updates daily (although sometimes he does take time off). Read it, because Bun-Bun will cut you in two if you don’t.

8-Bit Theater is a comic that fans of the original Final Fantasy would love. The comic features the characters from Final Fantasy as they travel the world performing quests. The characters are all given unique personalities, so there’s someone there for everyone. The author also has a new book out which I hear is quite funny.

Those are the comics that I read regularly. Penny Arcade updates every MWF, Something Positive every day, MegaTokyo every MWF, Sluggy every day, and 8-Bit Theater every TR and sometimes Saturday. Between all that, I’m typically kept pretty happy with my comics. That’s convenient, since the comics in the DA suck and I haven’t read Dilbert in quite some time.

Start reading.