I am a retarded American.

Last night I went to an Intensive English Program( IEP ). This meeting was set up so the volunteer “native language speakers” could meet and become aquainted with there Japanese “buddies.” Basically it was about 20 or so Americans hanging out with about 18 or so Japanese people. Once a semester for a month a school in Nagoya sends over some Japanese students to learn English the best way, that is to get stuffed into a plane and taken here. I met my group last night and we talked for a bit. It was a really awesome experience. These girls( and one guy ) could barely speak my language and I could barely speak theirs. It was amazing. They actually understood my Japanese!! Noo-sensei is actually teaching us the real thing, not the fake I had once assumed she was. It was really fun, I actually have to email my Nihon-go crew about meeting up again. They seemed pretty eager to hang out and do stuff. Unfortunately, none of them are 21, so I can’t take them drinking. But yeah, I am really excited about this experience. They will only be here until March 10th, so I gotta make the most of it.

I think I had something else to post about here, but I have forgotten.


“I don’t get used to be here. We’d like to eat and play with you.”