It’s 11:30 in the morning right now. This morning I was woken up to find out I had to immediately get out of bed and move a refrigerator from my garage into our truck. In about an hour I am going to have to take this thing out of my house and pick up a new one. I *wish* someone could have told me that BEFORE they stormed into my room and woke me up. I would have forced myself to bed a lot earlier than I normally go to sleep. It’s bad enough I can’t seem to manage to go to sleep until 5am or later anymore anyway.

F*ck What the hell gives them movie rating precedence over me? I doubt anyone with an ability to think listens to critics. Most people hear a review from a friend, and decide there, which is still rubbish (editor’s note: that used to be a bad word; Google made me change it to adhere to vague ‘mature content’ guidelines). If someone wants to see a movie, they should just goddamn see it based solely on their own opinions of the trailor, not some over paid, pencil d*ck critic’s opinions. Frankly, the way you *hate* most movies just aggrivates me in ways few things do. From now on, when you say you are “reviewing” a movie, I am going to say, “Sowas, that Travis of the movie you did…” or ignore it entirely. I am just sick of bickering back and forth about a topic so personal. Neither of us are going to change.

Besides, I’d rather leave a movie theater never thinking I wasted 8 dollars than *always* thinking I wasted 8 dollars. Oh yeah, if you’ve ever read Anthony’s journal, he has a nice post concerning people and movie ratings. I am not the only one that feels the way I do.

*leaves room, still higly aggrivated*


P.S. ANYONE who listens to ANY movie critic deserves a swift kick to the face or a sharp blade to the stomach.

Also, I am in a highly aggrivated state because someone I know did something retardedly stupid a few days ago and I just about want to kill this person over it. I won’t mention anymore here, those who know what it was know, and that is all that matters.