Thought I’d take some time to re-explore some of my older game ideas. They may have already been presented in this space, but many of them are so old that even I barely remember them.

We’ll start with High Noon, a project I started up in college and restarted at various points to little success.

At its core, it’s a turn-based strategy game set in the Wild West. Before each battle, the player picks a team of thusly stylized units. Each unit has base stats (weapon, range, damage, etc) and a couple special powers. Each turn you have action points you can spend to move your characters around and attack.

Pretty simple setup. This was designed to be relatively small - no real player progression aside from acquiring new units, no story to speak of, just quick battles.

Back when I first thought of it, asynchronous play didn’t exist as a widespread concept, but I think it’s a pretty natural fit.

Might make a good Unity learning project? I’m already tinkering in my off-time (side note: I’ve ported a sizable portion of my procedural building generation, and it’s looking pretty snazzy). Asynchronous is hard/costly to do cross-platform, but Game Center is a viable option for iOS-only.