… and you were only 40% accurate.

This site has gradually morphed from a two man humor & life dialog into a one man game development blog. Which is fine, but when things are quiet on the development front, the silence is echoed here.

Things aren’t any more active. Not with my personal development anyway. My professional games are keeping me super busy, but I can’t talk about any of that yet.

But here’s what’s on the horizon, even if that horizon is far off:

* Cuddle Bears is in need of an update. Capps and I actually have everything planned & prepared, but there’s coding that I just haven’t been able to get to. There’s a fighter jet. So that’s cool.
* Capps & I worked on a really cool game idea. Now he’s off in California and at another job, so I have no idea if that will manifest, but it’s fun to dangle in front of your faces all the same.
* I really want to play Dungeon Defenders with people but can’t find anyone. When did I get so bloody old? That’s not development related, but it’s important, so jot it down in your respective diaries.

Here is stuff that’s not on the horizon but is a little more general:

* Would you believe that people are still leaving comments on my “Why Developing in Objective-C Sucks” blog post? Some time later, and I can tell you that I haven’t grown any more fond of the language. My reasons have shifted - some of what’s in that article was premature - but the overall loathing is still present.
* My apartment is now littered with Mac devices. To my never ending shame. Believe me, the moment Microsoft or Google makes a device that can compete, I’m burning that bridge and never looking back.

Not a very illuminating blog post, but it’s a start.