I haven’t cut my hair since arriving in North Carolina. There are lots of reasons for this - there was definitely some laziness in there. There was a period of time where my hair was long and I genuinely liked how it looked. And there was a period where the hair length had become iconic - a part of my overall gravitas. Here’s it at its max length:

And here it is from the side so you can appreciate how long it became:

After much inner struggle, this is what has become of that hair:

That’s right. It is no longer attached to my head. It has been bundled neatly for a charitable donation.

What prompted the decision? A number of things: I started tying my hair back and realized that my face looked a fair bit better without all the hair around it. I was tired of spending 25 minutes in the shower each morning trying to just wrangle hair. It had become a burden trying to get to sleep, a thing that would wrap around me in weird ways. It shed like crazy. It was, in short, a burden. Plus none of my old friends recognized me (literally - I had to reintroduce myself), though that was more charming than bad.

There was a transitionary period, for sure:

Obviously that wasn’t going to work. I looked… pretty unfortunate for a moment before immediately rushing to get the hair cut before going out into public.

And here is what I like like now:

If you see this man, give him a hug.

If you see this man, give him a hug.

It’s weird. I haven’t looked like this in three years, and here I am back again. I’m happy with it. I don’t know if I’ll keep it permanently - my laziness is a pretty powerful opponent of the barber shop - but it’s good for now. And it’s shortened my shower time down to 5 minutes, which is pretty nice.

Yea. I dedicated a whole blog post to my hair. Get over it.