The Animal Farm

November 16th, 2010

God Bless Tools

Most notably gDEBugger. After countless hours debugging and tracing through graphics code and wondering what was wrong, I cracked this open, figured out how to use it intelligently, and knocked out a hair-pull-inducing bug in a couple hours.

It was a bit irritating that I couldn’t use all its features since I could only get my hands on a trial version; I had to devise clever hackery to get at the information I needed. If I recall, it was already an expensive tool, but now you are completely unable to purchase it until the creators revise their pricing model. As far as poor marketing strategies goes, that’s uncanny.

Still a good tool. And it works easily on the iPhone/iPad (simulator & device).

You would not believe the hack I just put into this code.

November 13th, 2010

Long Time No See

So uhhhh, updates? Yea, let’s do some updates.

Gamma World
I’ve never been an RPG guy. I tried a few times to breach the huge geek wall between us, but my experiences were always sullied for indeterminate reasons. I largely credit that as a function of the people involved, which is not to criticize the people so much as… oh, hell, I haven’t talked to them in over a year, yes it’s to criticize the people.

I picked up Gamma World on a whim, once again wanting to make an attempt to enter the scene, and also because Penny Arcade suggested it (go advertising!). Instead of being a player, though, I opted to take on the role of DM. Doing this while being wildly unqualified. which is true to form for me.

Gamma World is best described as D&D Light in a humor-oriented setting. It lacks the depth and growth that D&D has, mostly tailored to quick one-shot scenarios, but with the right group those can be entertaining. I’ve played once so far, which was good fun, and I’m hoping for a repeat success tomorrow. But I don’t want to turn this into a full review, so I’ll move on.

This is a board game I picked up. It’s best described as an Advance Wars board game, carrying over a good number of the mechanics.

Abe and the Velociraptor isn’t going much of anywhere. It was more an experiment in how many artists I could recruit without having a single in-game asset to show afterward. I still believe it has promise, so I’m keeping it on the backburner, but I’ve moved on.

Moved on to… who knows what. From now on I don’t think I’ll be announcing anything until there’s a vertical slice to show off. In the last year, I’ve burned through several projects that didn’t move forward for their own unique reasons. I’m working in the background, and I’ll update more when there’s more to update.

RIP. Vince posted a good discussion of their demise, and I can’t add much beyond that.

OK, I’m pretty much done for now. I need to get back to work.

That’s fresh to death.