There’s nothing shadier than carrying a wad of dollar bills into a Starbucks to buy a used MacBook from a guy off CL, but that’s how we do here at the Animal Farm.

It was cheap. Dirt cheap for a computer of its quality, which was the primary appeal. I tested it before purchase to make sure nothing shifty was happening, and everything seems good. If it explodes in the next week, well, I learned my lesson.

So I got a computer to do iPhone development on and didn’t have to give Apple a dime, which was the secondary appeal. Well, except for the developer license I’ll have to acquire (boo), but luckily I can use Laura’s iPod Touch, so that base is covered.

I feel a little dirty, no doubt, but there are markets that need exploring. Plus I can now work from home… which I guess is a bonus?

No, not really.

I do feel a little dirty, though, now that you mention it.