Because we all like lists…

(1) See the Light Android sales update: Over 1800 trials. 31 sales. It has officially surpassed the XBLIG version in terms of trials in less than half the time, but the XBLIG version has 5x the sales.

(2) Game Ed 2.0 (which at this point is mostly Sprite Sheet Editor) makes me appreciate WPF more and more each day. Data Binding = love. It’s an area Interface Builder tries to do but doesn’t bring everything to the table.

(3) Spaced and Better off Ted! Two comedies. Spaced is easily Simon Pegg’s best work, and it’s pretty clear he took a lot of his ideas forward into his later (awesome) movies. Better off Ted is quirky and fun and entirely too underrated; it has some of Arrested Development’s charm.

(4) I never gave Plants vs. Zombies an honest shot until it came out for XBLA. Now I have. There are a lot of good ideas wrapped over a decent (though not stellar) game. I think its biggest win is the unending reward system - you get something fun after almost every level, a feature from which virtually all games can benefit.

(5) Have I mentioned League of Legends here yet? An awesome Defense of the Ancients style game. If you’ve got a PC, you should play with me… please?

(6) Fully moved into the new Cary digs. It’s a good townhouse with plenty of awesome restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance, which is its primary appeal.

(7) Got a cheap (Intel-based) Mac you want to sell? I’ll buy it. Desktop or laptop. I still hate Apple. The impetus for this is three-fold: (a) I want to take a shot at bringing one of my games (or a new game entirely) to see what the market is like. (b) I’d like to work from home every now and again, and I’ll be on Mac-based projects for the foreseeable future. (c) I don’t actually want to give Apple money, so I’m only going to buy used.

I think that’s all I have to update on for now. My next post will be prose, but I’m not entirely certain about what yet.

Rabbits rabbits rabbits rabbits.