See the Light is drawing to a close. There are a handful of bugs and a few polish points, most of which will likely be fixed by day’s end. That’s not quite the finale - there’s still a marketing blitz and a free (likely ad supported) version to get out the door - but I’ll soon be moving on to the next project.

I’ve spent a lot of time mulling over what I want the next project to be. Here are some of the things I’ve been considering:

(1) Art requirements. I don’t have a staffed artist, so I need something with pretty modest demands. Laura can help some, but her bandwidth is limited, and I’d like to see her focus more on the Penguin Push successor.

(2) Time requirements. I want to focus more on my Large, Unannounced XNA project while still juggling the smaller Android Project and Penguin Push successor. I know I’m stretching myself thin, especially given my full-time job, but there are things I want to do and something trivial like time isn’t going to get in my way.

(3) New or Old? Do I want to port another game like Word Duelist or Penguin Push, or do I want to work on something completely different? This impacts the time & art requirements, and it also impacts my interest level.

(4) Future applicability. Ideally, the next project will utilize stuff from the previous project while giving me an opportunity to build features for future projects. A good tile map system, a good collision system… these are things that find a lot of use that my Android codebase doesn’t yet have.

(5) Market potential. That’s right, I do want to make money. I have lofty dreams of making a small fortune and much humbler, more realistic expectations of paying for a single month’s rent. This isn’t a huge consideration; it doesn’t really impact the game I’m going to make, but it does weigh on my mind.

Those are the considerations. The next post will talk about the final decisions.

Dear Greg,
I know I’m very, very late on my article for you.
It’s still on my mind. I’ve written two drafts, but they’re both complete rubbish. I’m going to try another angle.
Please forgive me.