I picked up this sexy beast earlier this week:

Android Phone

That’s the Android dev phone. You can tell by the little Android on the back.

The Android Mascot!

The phone cost… a sizeable amount without a data plan, but currently I’m contractually obligated to Sprint. Unfortunate, since I can’t even use the bloody phone *as a phone* on the Sprint network. Now I’m left wandering the streets with two phones.

As a dev device, it’s nice. My laptop connects to it faster than it does the emulator. Interestingly, the emulator at its fastest (on my home PC) runs almost identically to the actual hardware, with all the hiccups and problems that go with it - a nice change from the discrepancy between the iPhone emulator and hardware.

I’m not going to give specs. That’s what Google is for. I’m just going to show you these screenshots:

StL Title Screen on the Phone

StL Game on the Phone

That’s See the Light, almost feature complete and hopefully at Beta by the weekend’s end. The game is fully playable with new touch-based controls, and there’s only a handful left (Sound, Music, Tutorials, Achievements) to be plugged in.

Oh, and the Android app store? No review process. It’s beautiful. In a “competing with a flood of rubbish” kind of way, but hey… yea, that doesn’t sound all that great. I’m just hoping to make a return on investment on this phone. :-/ Any marketing specialists out there want to give me some tips?

Will Ricky ever post?