Decided to go ahead and take a crack at porting See the Light over to Android. Here are my first impressions:

(1) I have no love for being locked into a platform by way of the language it chooses to support. Android’s Java is no exception. I’ve read about some C++ support which would increase cross-compatibility, but Google recommends not using that for full applications, so I haven’t explored it too deeply. Rewriting code = No Fun.

(2) The emulator is Garbage. Multi-minute boot times for a cell-phone emulator in the 21st century? I can grab a PS2 emulator off the internet that churns faster and more reliably. And it really is quite unreliable - my app actually starts about 50% of the times I hit the launch button.

(3) Eclipse > XCode. It feels good to work in a proper IDE with a real debugger again.

(4) The time between downloading the tools and getting up and running with a brand new project was pretty minimal. That’s not much different with XNA or iPhone dev these days; I’d probably rate them all about equally.

(5) Community interaction is solid. Whenever I’ve Googled something, the answer is usually within the top 5 links. That’s been a far cry from the painful iPhone searches I’ve done. XNA is about as good.

(6) Standard library is a little lacking compared to XNA, but then Android isn’t as game-centric. I had to rewrite a few geometry classes and work out how to do some intersection tests that XNA is kind enough to provide. I can’t really compare it to iPhone SDK, since I haven’t dived that deep into the graphics code.

Still getting my feet wet, so I haven’t formed excessively strong opinions, but give me time. Oh, give me time.

Not if you wanna get on VH1 one day.