Penny Arcade recently had a post on Patrick Rothfuss’s book The Name of the Wind and this caused me to go out and buy it.  I am a terribly slow reader, so as a result I haven’t really read that much in my life.  It takes a lot for a book to make me want to read it, and I can rarely will myself to continue reading a book that is boring for long stretches.  This is not that kind of book.  The Name of the Wind is a great read from the first word to the last.  I would say my only complaint, and this is my complaint with most things I like that aren’t finished yet, is that I have to wait an indeterminately long time for the second and third book in the series.  He wrote the book all at once and when it was purchased by a publisher, they decided to cut it into a trilogy.  This is probably for the best as the first book is about a quarter million words, according to Rothfuss.  But since it was one continuous story, the first book has no real ending, the subtitle is “The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day 1″, so the first book ends at the first day of a three day story.  This isn’t a bad thing, so long as you know there are two more books coming out some time.

At any rate, I recommend this book to any fan of fantasy.  I am not one for critics that I don’t read the thoughts and insights of weekly, IE Penny Arcade, but just about every review of this book/author is gushing with praise.  If that means anything to you, get the book. If it doesn’t and you like fantasy, get the book.

I actually got to meet Rothfuss last night here in the DC area, actually about a mile from where I work.  He is making a trip through the east coast and decided to do a book signing/reading at various bookstores that would have him on short notice (about two weeks).  The closest bookstore to my job site was one of them.  I had never been to a book signing/reading before, so I didn’t really know what to expect.  It was a pretty awesome experience though.  Rothfuss answered spoiler-free questions as they came, and said he would answer spoiler-full(?)  questions individually while he was signing the books.  I am definitely planning on going to his next book tour when he is promoting the second book.  I suppose that means I have to buy the hardcover version to actually read, as that will be out first, but I can get over that I guess.  Anyone else feel hardcover books are uncomfortable to read/travel with?

I really can’t wait for the second and third books.

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