I’d like to share some of the reviews the game has been getting for your pleasure:

gaygamer.net gave the only negative(ish) review I’ve seen, so I’ll start there. The reviewer had a number of positive things (”Word Duelist is very close to being a perfect word game”), but mostly focused on the game’s difficulty - the one negative toward which most of the review focused. In short, he thought it was too hard (or that many of the words were too obscure), which may be a valid criticism. I don’t know, neither Laura nor I had much trouble getting through the game on Normal.

Conversely, Small Cave Games gave the game glowing marks, picking it as one of the two games for their “Try it or Die” weekly segment, where the reviewer picks two of the standout titles of the week. No exciting quotes to yank out of that one really, but making the cut is reward unto itself.

xblig.co.uk also had nothing but positive things to say - giving the game a 5/5 score (!). “Word Duelist is an excellent game for young and old alike.” “The game is a definite must have for everyone.”

That’s it so far; I’m glad initial reactions have been pretty positive. The game is looking to beat See the Light’s sales so far.

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