Let’s chat about the road ahead, both in life and in love.

Actually just in life. Not really in life as a whole, even - the small portion of life I dedicate to projects, personal endeavors, and being sexy.

See the Light
Development for the next project is running concurrently with the See the Light update, which should wrap up sometime next week and go into review.

Word Duelist
Word Duelist is essentially finished, and as far as I know bug free. It needs about 3 more reviews before being released, though that’s been the case for the last two times it failed. I’m confident this time around though.

The Next Project
The “Next XBLIG” game has been scoped back radically. Laura and I looked at it, looked critically at the time we have available to us, and decided that we had put forward a losing proposition. In the interest of full disclosure, the project was a cross between Mario Party, Dokapon Kingdom and World Duelist with the inclusion of (!) math games. We had actually made some significant progress, but we still had over 90% to go and then probably another 90% after that.

You can probably tell that the math games would’ve been our downfall.

OK, that was a joke. 90% + 90% = 180% = impossible in this context, just in case you weren’t laughing. The math games were actually all implemented (roughly).

ANYWAY. So the next project, we think, will be the spiritual successor to Penguin Push, tentatively titled Space Panda Push about a - think hard - panda in space. We’re building a lot on the core mechanics of Penguin Push and adding in a quirky story and more depth. It’s not nearly as grandiose, but it’s achievable in the time available.

I’m still hoping to bring back the other game (tentatively titled Mind Games), as I think there’s a fair bit of merit there if done right. One day.

The Next Next Project
I’m hunting around for art help for something a little bigger. I honestly don’t know what it will be yet - I want to do something small, polished, and fun, without rehashing old ideas. There’s potential here, but it all needs prototyping.

I broke hearts all weekend long.