Here are the improvements that I can confirm will be in and are either finished or in the works:

(1) Bug fixes. Notably one crash bug that three people have found and another issue where you can move around the cursor while the help is showing.
(2) Better graphics. Laura is helping. Even small changes have added a 120% improvement. That number is completely made up and arbitrary.
(3) 16 new levels.
(4) One new piece that makes the 16 new levels more interesting. It changes the puzzle dynamic in a large way while not completely breaking the core mechanics.
(5) Awardments. Like Achievements, but we can’t use those in XBLIG games. So it will have no impact on your Xbox gamer score - it’s just for your personal amusement. Fifteen are implemented.
(6) Improved controls. I’m changing it so you can hold down the thumbstick and the cursor will move faster instead of having to do a ‘press and release’ each time.
(7) Custom soundtracks.

And here are things that are under the “would be nice; I’ll play around with it, but it’s probably not going to happen.”
(1) Level editor. That’s a not-insignificant engineering requirement and has a lot of usability implications.
(2) Multiplayer. I thought about adding a timer and doing something split screen or allowing multiple people to work on levels cooperatively. The first option is non-trivial and the second isn’t hard but doesn’t add a lot of value.
(3) A Windows trial. This would require XNA installed and all the good fun that entails.

None of the above are impossible. But they’re a lot of work for speculative value - the game gets about a trial a day, so investing the time we are investing is already mostly for personal gratification and not for actual sales, so I’m not going to break my back.