It’s been almost two weeks since I left NC for my vacation in Morgantown, WV - a place which is by no rights a vacation resort, but which is home to a friend and thus good enough for me. Here are some observations:

Last Night on Earth is surprisingly popular. I always knew it was fun, I’ve been trying to push for it more at game night, but I’m always charmed by how quickly people take to it. John has been repeatedly requesting sessions since I broke it out.

The sorry state of tile map editors is inexcusable. I worked on mine part time for less than a week and have something pretty usable (and preferable to the current offerings). Granted, mine satisfies a smaller subset of requirements - it doesn’t support isometric or hexagonal games - but I can make the maps I need quickly and easily.

Applying for jobs is a job in itself. Every company has its own quirks. Some want cover letters (which must be hand tailored to the job), some don’t. Some want you to fill out an application which virtually mirrors your resume. Some require you go through recruiters. Some want a portfolio.

Cranium is an infuriating game. My win/loss ration is something like 1/6.

We have a film script! A first draft, and it still needs heavy, heavy work, but it’s a full script with a full idea. It’s about an incompetent magician and his conflict with his evil twin. I don’t want to spoil it, but there’s some gold in there to be mined.

I’m heading home Sunday, and hopefully at that point I’ll be more productive.