I was hoping to hit the ground running, but I’ve been sidetracked trying to find a tile map editor that doesn’t suck. Here are some basic requirements which seem pretty obvious to me:

(1) A nice, clean interface. Layer and brush management shouldn’t be tucked away in a file menu, Mappy.
(2) The ability to have multiple tilesets. I want images during editing that I don’t want during play. Having to stuff them all in a single tileset is counter productive.
(3) The ability to load up a single image to use as a tileset without breaking it up into multiple images. Most have this in some form, luckily.
(4) Why the hell would people want pixel by pixel scrolling for an editor? At least give me the option.
(5) Export to a sensible format or allow me to choose my format. Don’t export to an eff-ing ZIP file! This forces me to have a ZIP loader or create a post export step that I don’t want to have to do.
(6) Export the tiles sensibly. Numbers according to where the tile is in the image. As a programmer, I might rely on this to determine what is a wall versus what isn’t.
(7) Projects! It’s such a great timesaver, being able to bunch up all your maps into one project and rapidly switch between them.
(8) Zoom. Seriously. I don’t want to need to scroll if I can get away without it.
(9) Brushes. ’nuff said.
(10) Stop using Java for editors. Using Swing should be a felony.

Unfortunately, every map editor I’ve found has been missing sweeping chunks from that list. And those are only the things that came off the top of my head - nothing requiring serious usability tests, just basic functionality. For such a popular 2D map editing technique, I’m shocked that good tools just aren’t out there. It takes less than 3 days

I’m hoping to avoid it in the short term, but sometime in the future I’m going to have to sit down and make something to fix these issues.

I know you need to find what you feel you left behind