The Animal Farm

July 18th, 2009


So a fox just wandered into my yard. A fox or a malformed dog.

It was dark. Don’t judge me.

I heard some sort of growling. Is that normal? Do foxes growl? I stood up when I saw it, and it ran away. I promptly opened the door to my apartment and walked inside.

I don’t want to get eaten.

It’s a reality struggling to become a metaphor.

July 12th, 2009

Board Game Extravaganza

I was living on a budget, restricting my purchases and making reasonable decisions. Then the desire to play board games hit me, and I went on a spree, devouring niche stores in my wake. Here’s what I’ve got and what I have to say and if you don’t like it you can shut up:

Carcassonne. One of the classics, I hear. I hear this among geeks, and they don’t really get to define ‘classic’ in any meaningful definition of the word, but still. Some people like it. It’s a tile placement game where you try to get points by strategic placement of units and get in the way of your opponent getting points. It’s an extremely simple game to learn and play, and it’s really pretty fun even with only two people.

Catan. Another classic. It’s a game about trading resources and building up an empire. Slightly harder to learn than Carcassonne, but not really. This one almost requires four people to be appealing, but with the right group it’s fantastic.

Zombies!!!. I’d never heard of this, but it had three exclamations in the title, so my hand was forced. It’s another tile placement game, where the goal is to either escape a zombie hoard or murder a ton of zombies. A little more complicated to learn than Carcassonne but perhaps not as deep strategically? It’s fast and fun. I’m not sure. It can be played well with two but I think will scale up well.

Escalation. I haven’t tried it yet, but from reading over the rules this one actually seems disappointing. Just a superficially simple card game. Place some cards of a certain value and when you can’t hit a value, take some cards while trying to be the person that ends up with the fewest. Honestly, I’d rather play Uno.

Grave Robbers II: Skippy’s Revenge. This is part of the B-Movie Card Game series, which is a ton of fun. The premise is to build a movie by placing cast, locations, props, effects, etc. It’s more fun if players narrate the movie while playing the cards. Gameplay wise, the mechanics seem a bit lopsided, but the game is more about the social experience than dominating opponents.

Dominion. One of my favorite card games. It’s more of a deck-building game - you purchase more cards as you play and try to be the one who’s purchased the most points by the end. That description doesn’t really do it justice; the game has a breadth of strategy and is extremely fast paced.

That’s all, and it’s all I’m going to be purchasing for a while even though I’d like to add Race for the Galaxy to my collection. All the games are relatively fast, taking less than an hour (sometimes a little more depending on conversations and number of players and such). I don’t have much of a stomach for the longer Arkham style games. Still need more people to play these games with, but I’m hoping that will come with time.

You stole my city!

July 10th, 2009

Good news.

I just want to bring everyone’s attention to this.  More specifically, Ricky’s comment and my following comment coupled with Brian’s post.

Take a minute to really read that, I’ll wait.

Some of you may recall Brian’s complete and utter hate for all things whiney Emo music.  He’s posted several times before calling me out as basically less-than-human for enjoying some of the bands in that category, Death Cab included.  He then goes on to make a post about the female lead in the movie Elf and his desire to, I am pretty sure, force her into marriage with him, stopping at nothing.  Turns out Zooey Deschanel (the female lead of Elf) is marrying the lead singer of Death Cab.

This is a burn.  A big burn.  Brian may need some ointment for the burn, please stop at Walgreens on your way home from work today and get him some.


July 6th, 2009

Unrelated Things Beyond This Point

Coheed and Cambria recently, well a year ago, had a series of 4 night concerts where each night they played, in its entirety, one of their albums.  After the four nights they moved on to a different area and did the same.  Sometime in January or February I read that they were planning on releasing the concerts as 4 live albums in a boxed set.  I was excited.  Turns out they only released 15,000 of them and unless I want to pay $160.00 for them as a resale, I am not getting one.  Granted, this comes with 5 DVDs of the concert as well, but I don’t think I want those anyway.  I am a little upset that they don’t just release a 4 CD set of just the concert, with none of the other stuff.  I would really enjoy hearing their stuff live.

Also, there is a string quartet tribute to In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth III.  I downloaded this on the bus home from New York yesterday and it is awesome.

The iPhone 3GS is pretty neat.  I enjoy being able to look up the locations of restaurants and such anywhere.  So far it has lived up to my expectations.

Brian is coming to my place in about 3 weeks.  This is a good thing.


July 3rd, 2009

She & Him

Adverts for She & Him are plastered all over the Hill (as we locals call it), a band whose musical prowess is forgettable but which contains members - rather, a member - of significant note.

Gentlemen, I intend to marry Zooey Deschanel. I intend to attend this show, seduce this woman, and marry her. And no one, her included, is going to stop me. Just watch.

I do declare.