First. to respond to Zach:

Of course, Nintendo is winning the console wars by a huge margin. But only on the quality of their marketing, not the quality of their product. I would speculate that developers themselves aren’t seeing much of that improved market - how many games other than Wii Sports do your parents own? How long do you give them before they shelve it and never look at it again? Sure, Nintendo’s making a lot of money, but not because they’ve done anything good for gaming.

If you want to see a company actually empowering good game development - and I’m putting on a fanboy hat for a second here - look to Microsoft. They focus on making the lives of developers easier, whereas Sony’s own Hirai has been quoted as saying that difficult PS3 development works in their favor. XNA was also brilliant, allowing games to be made by an entirely new audience with new ideas. Now, yea, OK, Community Games has a lot of rubbish, but there are gems in there.

And speaking of XNA…

XNA 3.1 was released with Avatar support! They didn’t release the skeleton (they said they’re working on it), but I was able to construct it using the BindPose and BoneParent information they provide.

So yea, I’m kinda the first one making custom avatar animations. *Slow clap.*

Do what you say, say what you mean, one thing leads to another.