You won’t get an argument out of me.  I completely agree with you.  I don’t think motion control added anything at all for me.  I guess that’s a lie, Wii Sports was really fun and Ricky, my entire family, and I got a LOT of enjoyment out of it.  But honestly, that’s the only game I can think of where the game wouldn’t even exist without the motion controls.

I think it’s a gimmick and I wish it would go away.  I mean, I like hitting a few buttons and watching the in-game character do some really fancy combo.  I would hate the disconnect of me swinging a Wii-mote like a sword and watching the in-game character do a fancy combo.  I would also hate having to do that combo myself over and over again.  The kinds of games I enjoy don’t really lend themselves to motion control.  Navigating menus to use potions really doesn’t need motion control :-p.

I guess that’s just it though, Project Natal might be(well, is) Microsoft’s answer to the huge “non-gamer” market of people.  Nintendo and Microsoft said it themselves, they aren’t targeting you and me, they are targeting our parents.  My dad does own a Wii, one that he plays a lot, because the control-scheme is easier to get used to than a traditional controller.  The last console my parents played was Nintendo (possibly, Sega Genesis, but I’m not sure my brother and I ever let him actually play it.) and I’ve played Wii Sports with them for literally entire weekends before.  They’ve planned get togethers with their friends around the fact that I was coming home and bringing the Wii (before they got their own).

I am thinking that is a pretty big market.  And in terms of a company trying to make money, selling more units is a good thing.  I think I was in the right saying Nintendo was “winning” the console race because they sold more units.  If I were a company, I would measure my success in my revenue.  I do completely agree with you that the Three-Six, and possibly the PS3 (haven’t played it myself) is better for someone who actually likes video games as they were last generation.  But for people who want some new entertainment, I think these motion control suites, and some of the games that use them, would be a pretty enticing idea.