The Animal Farm

November 30th, 2006

Blizzard Transcends all

It is no secret that I love Blizzard and the games they make. Just now I was watching TV when a scene from Office Space comes on. It is the scene where Peter just dismantled his cubicle and is playing tetris. You know the one, the one where Lumbergh comes over and tries to act like he doesn’t care Peter is not and has not been doing anything. He asks Peter if he is going to turn in his TPS reports and Peter says “Not right now Lumbergh. In fact, maybe you should come back another time I am kidna busy. Besides, I have a meeting with the Bob’s in a few minutes anyway.”

Only in this commercial, something was different. At first, I saw the game he was playing was not Tetris, kind of looked like an FPS or something. But once there is a camera shift you can clearly see the WoW box sitting on top of his desk. The camera then switches back again to a more zoomed in picture of the screen and you can see that he is raiding Molten Core in WoW.

The commercial barely said anything of WoW besides at the end. It was purely amazing.


November 30th, 2006

People are Idiots

Talk about wasted time. Leetspeak being harmful and potentially dangerous? The only thing dangerous about leetspeak is the fact that it turns people into attrocious spellers with no ability to use grammar. Here is a link to a video that made me post this, in case you want to know.

1337 15 d4ng3r0us

Just watch it and be disgusted at this reports futility.


Kids use it to talk in codes to keep their parents in the dark.
That’s funny, I thought kids used it because they were retarded.

November 6th, 2006


The November 72 Hour Game Development Competition has been announced. Everyone who visits already knows what that is, so I’ll just direct you to the site and you can determine if you want to participate.

I demand silly hats.

November 3rd, 2006

Film Ideas

I’ve been trying to keep a running log of film ideas so that I will have a fresh supply of ideas ready whenever I’m in the mood for a filming project. Here are some of the things I’ve come up with:

Furrier Transform - A play on the term Fourier Transform. In this, a signal processing student turns into a werewolf in the ESB.
Real-World Math: Here I Am, Rock You Like a Hurricane - A math lesson series talking about how mixing any song with Rock You Like a Hurricane makes the original song better.
Ricky the Communist - A faux propaganda series where Ricky discusses the merits of communism and denounces capitalism.
Existentialism in da Heezy - Existentialist philosophers come back to life to talk about their philosophies using hip-hop and hardcore rap.
Madeline Albright Stole my Baby - A fake news exclusive about a woman who claims her baby was stolen by Madeline Albright. This ends spoofing the the climax of “Ransom,” where Mel Gibson offers a reward for the capture of his wife’s kidnapper.
Filmmakers: The Documentary - Mock documentary telling various horror stories of the filming process.
Real-World Math: The Game - Commercial about a board game that involves players solving hard math problems.
Titanic 2: The Revenge and Titanic 3: Urban Assault - Two shorts about the Titanic coming back to get revenge against the ice berg and the people that crossed him.
A Night to Remember - Spoof of Memento, where a man doesn’t have any short term memory.
Hostage Negotiator - A film about a negotiator trying to talk down a hostage. Mostly dialog-driven.
I Love You Deeply - A man is talking to his girlfriend, and this quickly turns into an inner monologue where the man is insulting the woman while the woman blathers on endlessly. Ends with a brutal murder.
Dance Dance Revolutionary - Story of a man trying to become the best DDR player in the world, spoofing Rocky.
Video Games Ruined my Life - A VH-1 style biopic of a child who grew up on video games and how, instead of becoming a cold-blooded murderer, he becomes a hopeless geek.
Nerf Militia - A fake news exclusive about a small militia family that plans on defending its home with Nerf weapons.
Magic Man - Story about an ameteur magician who, every time he tries to perform a trick (he always fails), he ends up sawing someone in half.
Stuffed - Story about a man who can talk to stuffed animals.
Burr Vs. Hamilton - The true story of the historical figures and their eventual duel.
Burr Vs. Hamilton - Urban Assault - Burr & Hamilton come back from the dead and seek to continue their duel.

Obviously, there are tons of details here that would need to be fleshed out, and not all these ideas are the greatest. I do think that a few of them have some potential.

Long way down.