The Animal Farm

April 30th, 2005

Peace at Last

It’s midnight right now. About half an hour ago, I submitted the last project I have to worry about this semester. That’s relieving, since the project was due about ten minutes ago. It was a Data Communications project, and it was a little more work than I expected, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get a solid grade. Now all I have to worry about are my three finals next week. Only one of them is going to be really hard, although one of the others will be challenging.

Seeing as how my life has been nothing but work for the last few weeks, that’s really all I have to update on. I should have some free time now if anyone wants to do something. Speaking of which, if anyone wants to see the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie tomorrow, hit me up.

If I die of a heart attack, you guys have to get real jobs!

April 28th, 2005

The Worst of it is Over

Well, we finally presented our Operating System and Artificial Intelligence projects. The Operating System presentation went alright - our OS wasn’t working perfectly (some might say ‘at all’), but we scored enough points such that everyone on the team will get an A.

The Artificial Intelligence presentation went even better. Personally, I feel that our project was one of the best - it wasn’t the prettiest of the projects, but it satisfied the actual goals better than most. One of the students tried to find a flaw in our system, but we shot him down and sent him home with his tail between his legs. If I don’t get an A in that class, I’m going to be quite agitated.

That covers the hard projects, but that’s certainly not all of them. I have to get back to work…

The wheels in the sky keep on turning.

April 24th, 2005


When most people think of artificial intelligence, they think robots. They envision a swarm of malevolent creations roaming the Earth, slaughtering the human inventors. These people picture scenes out of Terminator or The Matrix or even War Games with such awe that the very topic makes them a little twitchy. When Dr. Reddy thinks of AI, however, he sees a GPS navigation system. His vision of grandeur involves getting from Point A to Point B efficiently. If someone had told me that this system would be my final project - that I would, in fact, not have any opportunity to create blood-thirsty mechanations - I would have seriously reconsidered taking the AI course.

For the better part of the weekend, I have been working on this project. I shouldn’t even be taking this break to update the site. I should be pounding away at the keyboard, trying to think of some methods to get from Point A to Point B even more efficiently. We have a pretty GUI working, and there’s some rudimentary pathfinding, but the major goals of the project have yet to be met. I will still be programming all the way through Wednesday, which is, you know, cute, since the presentation is Thursday. Yay me.

You know, I really want to light Zach on fire. But I’m just not close enough to get the job done.

April 21st, 2005


I just received notification that I have been accepted for the summer position at the Virtual Environments lab. I’ve never been more excited.


April 20th, 2005

Chai again

Okay, I had Chai tea again, and it was even better this time. I really can’t explain it. Anyway, at work we have to post these little reports at the end of our shift telling the big heads what we did in the lab that day. Here was mine today:

Today I had Chai tea and it was good. Also, I loaded the printer tray, but it wasn’t as good as the Chai tea. [...]

I had the whole crew where I work wanting to try a Chai tea, most of them wanted me to go buy one for them. I didn’t. My lab leader( pseudo supervisor ) asked me what was in it, and my only reply was “A little piece of heaven.” You should all try Chai tea, I might even update again about it tomorrow.

In other news, Brian might not be the sexiest man alive, but he is definately the sexiset man to Russia. I think he should go over there and see the photo of him, I saw it a few weeks ago, I think he could do better, he seems out of place in the photo they chose.

In nonrelated news, Brian’s best friend, Naakabiku-san said he wanted to learn C++ today, I hope Brian will do what is right and teach the poor lad. I know how much you love that guy, Sowas.*Set up*

That is all for now, don’t get used to my updating so regularly, we all know it will stop soon.

I can’t top Brian’s latest end-of-post quote.

April 20th, 2005

Russia’s Interests

I received yet another e-mail from a Russian woman wanting to become acquainted. I don’t know what my appeal is to Russian women, but I’m now convinced that their e-mails are not simply coincidence. I envision every Russian gazing upon a picture of me which sits high atop a mountain. In their adulation, the women seek out my company and the men wish to translate articles I’ve written into Russian. It’s an odd relationship the Motherland and I have, but I think it will work out.

“The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, ‘You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.’”
–George Carlin

April 19th, 2005


I am just updating to say I had my first chilled Chai tea from the Brew and Gold today. It was amazing. I will most likely be getting many more.


It’s god-tastic!

April 19th, 2005

Weird Science

It appears that Penny Arcade is using the same April Fool’s day gag Zach and I used, only theirs is fifteen days too late. I think someone should inform them that, while good, the joke’s humor has been exhausted on a superior site. Of course, I could be wrong - Gabe and Tycho could be conducting a legitimate falling-out of sorts - but I’m doubtful.

In vastly more important news, I was walking home today and my keys fell through a hole in my pocket, down my leg, and onto my foot. I stopped, looked down, picked them up, and carried on.

Then I proceeded to lay in my bed, half awake but three-fourths dead for a full two hours. I was interrupted by the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard. This struck me as odd, since there was no rain nor were there clouds to speak of. In fact, so far as I can recall, nothing happened to indicate potential thunder and nothing happened afterward. Weirded me out a little bit.

Really, that’s the most exciting news I’ve got. Play Penguin Push and get out of my face.

Web space

April 18th, 2005

Rant time!

I haven’t ranted in a while, so there are a few things I need to rant about.

What is the deal with the Fcuk clothing line? It isn’t a very cute word. It just seems like an assinine way to make people feel rebelious. I see these “rebels” walking around on campus with shirts that say “Cool as fcuk” or “Sexy as fcuk.” It is clear what this clothing line is representing, and I find it rediculous. If you happen to see someone wearing one of these shirts, throw mud at them and insult their mother. If you are lucky, their mother is dead and your insults will make them cry.

Another fashion trend I absolutely hate is the “popped collar.” Is there a reason for this? You don’t just look stupid by popping your collar, you actually are stupid. Really stupid. The kind of stupid that makes me think you like Fcuk brand clothing. I have never heard anyone ever say, “That look is so hawt,” or anything to that effect, so do people actually like this look, if you do, just kill yourself.

There is one fashoin trend I am tolerant of though. That would be the various-colored bracelets everyone and their mother seems to wear now. I don’t think the fashion is all that hip, 6 year old girls have worn thick, pastel-colored braceletes for years now, I like the fact that this trend is actually supporting the search for a cure for cancer. I could care less whether or not these popped color trend whores realize they are supporting a good a cause or not. I am glad at least one trend is actually benefiting a good cause, not just an idiot’s desire to be a rebel.

I would rant about them, but everyone hates Ugg boots, so if you don’t hate them, your mom. They are attrocious.

Alright, I am out.


P.S. I just went to Fcuk’s website .I guess I should feel dumb, because FCUK stand for some French Connection thing. It is still a play on the American grandaddy of curse words. After reading their about section, I am sure of this. Definately another reason to hate the French, though. Especially the French-Canadians. *shudders*

Support gravity, put your ‘fcuking’ collar down.

April 16th, 2005

Update update

Let’s see, yesterday started off rather mundane and pretty much ended that way. There was one surprise in the evening, but not much. I got out of class at 12:30 and did nothing from then ’till 3, where I started my glorious 3 hour nap. I woke up and decided Sowas and I should go to Yama’s. On the way there I saw a girl I haven’t seen in 3.5 years, I knew she was coming down, but I did not expect to see her untill today. It was quite the pleasant surprise, and I have to admit, I was happier the rest of the day/night. In Yama’s we saw our Japanese teacher, Noo-sensei. I never know how to act around her, I feel if I talk to her I am being annoying but if I don’t I am being rude. So I always let her be the first to say, “Konban wa!” to me. Yama’s was glorious, per usual.

I talked to Anthony on AIM last night for a good few hours and he decided that he wants to work on Zakarus’ Tale with me again, so that is glorious. Right now the team is my Brother doing art, Anthony story, and me programming/some art. I’ve made all the art for the game to date, minus the little flowers and pine trees. All I need now is to find a composer to make music for my game. That isn’t actually 100% necessary, the Audio Portal over at has a lot of good stuff, I recommend Evil-Dog in particular, if you like listening to ambient sounds while chillin’.

I learned something interesting yesterday in Japanese class. I learned that the word “Tenchu” means Divine Punishment. Anyone who knows about the Tenchu series of games probably knows the third one is called, “Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven.” Or, once tranlated into English, “Divine Punishment: Wrath of Heaven.” Little redundant? I bet in Japan they call it Tenchu squared for short. It is interesting the little things you pick up on while learning Japanese.


“Come on Jesus, we out.”